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Power & Functions of Deputy Commissioner

(1) Maintenance of law and order and administration of justice.


(2) Revenue Administration i.e. maintenance of Land records, collections of land revenue and other Government dues which are collected as area  of land revenue.                   


(3)Implementation of various Socio-economic Schemes i.e., poverty alleviation programmes of both State and Central Governments, i.e. OAP, DWP, PHP, NSAP, IRDP, NREP etc. 


(4) Disaster Management concerning emergencies like flood, famine accidental fires  and other mishaps, i.e., taking adequate steps to alleviate sufferings of the people, MPLADS and KLLAD Schemes. 


(5)Control and Regulation and distribution of Food and Civil Supplies,


(6)Holding of elections of Parliament, State Legislature and Local bodies and also registration of voters. 


(7)Administration of local bodies both Urban and Rural 


(8)Residuary functions such as protocol, collection of NSS, Saksharata,Eradication of child Labour, Pulse polio , implementation of Family planning and all other programmess sponsored by Central and State Government. 


                Apart from the above, the DC has to act as Chairman of various committees and has to conduct meeting of these committees. The D.C has also to conduct District level co-ordination committee meetings in order to solve inter departments problems (The details of Committees & the list of District level officers are shown in Annexure-A).  The D.C has to write ACR/APRs of District Level Offices as an additional reviewing authority (vide Annexure-B). The progress reports to be sent to  Government, reviews to be taken up  in respect of various subjects  and   a  list of   various State/Central Acts and Rules  under which the statutory powers being exercised by the  D.C   are shown at Annexure C&D. Further the Survey Settlement & Land records and Muzarai departments have since been merged with Revenue department, the D.C will have also to look after the works relating to these Departments.

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