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Power & Functions of Regional Commissioner

  • Maintenance of staff, development, training and human resources of the Revenue Department.

  • District, Subdivision, Taluka, Hobali and Village level Revenue accounts, maintenance of audited accounts, annual inspection, surprise inspections and compulsory annual Jamabandhi.

  • All powers of Divisional Commissioner previously exercised under various Rules and Sub-Rules. (Appeal and Review)

  • Stamps and Registration fee, Land survey and Land records, Supervision of works related to administration of Endowment offices.

  • Inspecting Authority - Inspection of subordinate offices as regards    their functioning as per Law, Governments instructions and related orders.
  • Supervision of natural disasters and drought relief works and their control besides crop harvest experiments and waving of land   revenue.
  • Supervision of all types of elections in the State.
  • Land sanction, Land acquisition, Land improvement, Collection of land tax, Measurement of lands and Supervision of Computerization of Revenue Department.
  • Release of grants to District offices, Sub-Divisions and Taluka offices, Annual budget preparation, preparing answers to Legislative Assembly/Council questions and making reports to   Sub-Committees of Legislation and Inspection of cases pending in Courts.
  • Review of Inspection of all developmental works of all Govt. offices coming under their jurisdiction at least once in a month.
  • To initiate action for non achievement of financial and physical target and discuss the same with concerned Head of the Depts., Secretaries and Principal Secretaries to take suitable action to achieve the targets.
  • Inspection of all Development departments, investigations and review if necessary.
On abolition of the post of Development Commissioner, Northern Karnataka, Belgaum, Government have also assigned the duties of the Development Commissioner relating to 7 districts of Belgaum division, under their Notification NO:SPD: 70:HKDB:2005, dated:09-12-2005 to Regional commissioner.   

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Govt. Orders, Notifications and Circulars,

Regional Commissioner as an Appellate / Revisional Authority