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Documents to be enclosed with the application are:

    1. Five sets of duly completed applications as per Form I
    2. Ownership documents duly attested by an authorized officer of the Government
    3. Area map showing the monument and the site of repair/renovation/construction/reconstruction.
    4. Drawings (in triplicate) showing the nature of repair or renovation of the existing building, located in prohibited or regulated area as the case may be
    5. Detailed drawings comprising plan, section and elevation of the proposed construction or reconstruction of the building or structure in the regulated area (in triplicate)
    6. Photographs showing the monument and the existing modern constructions around the monument
    7. Photographs showing the site of construction related activities as the case may be and the existing modern constructions around
    8. In case of repair a report from a duly authorized/licensed architect or structural engineer on the structural stability of the existing building
    9. If the application is on the behalf of the organization/firm, the signature should be of the head of that organization/firm.
    10. Details regarding the proposed building whether constructed before 16th June 1992 or after with approval of DG. ASI, New Delhi.
    11. Certificate regarding distance of the construction site from the protected monument or site.


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